ECAE Celebrated Canada’s 150 Birthday and the Academic Achievements of its Youth

By Lwam Haile


What better way to celebrate 150 years of Canada, than to celebrate the achievements of our youth in this land of opportunity? On July 1st, the Eritrean Community Association of Edmonton hosted it’s annual barbecue to recognize the academic achievements of Eritrean youth. The event was held Hawrelak Park. Each student graduating from grades 6,9, 12 and University was presented with a certificate of achievement and/or glass plaques.

One of our university graduates Abel Paulos, mentioned in a short address to the crowd that even the impossible is achievable if our dreams are matched with hard work. Canada is a place where many people from all nations immigrate to with high hopes of leading a peaceful and prosperous life. While there can be undeniable setbacks (especially for immigrants), Canada encourages education as a means to secure a bright future.

Eritrean youth are often reminded and are well aware of the importance placed on education, and with that being said it is important that we take advantage of events such as these to encourage and recognize their achievements. The community chairman Habtemichael Berhane took the opportunity to assure them that the community is more than willing to back any endeavors and programs the youth wish to pursue.

The community spent the day in the sun, while enjoying plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers. The young children could be seen running around in high spirits, proudly wearing their ‘Canada, 150’ shirts. We were able to get in several games of volleyball and soccer before it started to pour heavy rain, but even that didn’t deter people from later making it out to the legislature to enjoy the festivities.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who came out, and especially the volunteers who helped with preparing and serving food. We hope to see more of you next year, and hope our youth take advantage of whatever opportunities come their way, in order to enrich the Eritrean Community with their skills and knowledge, and to benefit the greater Canadian society.

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