Seminars for community building

Family and Community Outreach

The purpose of the Family and Community Outreach Committee is to create family and community based programs, organize educational seminars and presentations as well as provide community support to families and individuals who are members of the Community Association. The ECAE recognizes that a sustained family and community support goes a long way in strengthening our Community Association. This Committee is the resource outlet of the Community Association and therefore it is one of its vital functions.

The Committee is responsible for running and coordinating family/community based seminars as follows:

  • Organize seminars and information sessions to its community members on subject matters that are pertinent to them, covering various topic such as (but not limited to) health, finance, education, employment opportunities as well as timely information on local federal, provincial and municipal politics.
  • Provide assistance to its members by setting in place valuable community support programs such as (but not limited to), resume editing, assistance in translational services and the like.
  • Assist other committees in information dissemination by coordinating and organizing information sessions for the various programs for sister committees.

We would like to suggest valuable topic to be covered in a seminar, if you would like to volunteer in this committee or if you would like to contact our Family and Community Outreach program, please contact us at

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