Resource Center and Community Hall Project

Resource Center and Community Hall Project

The ECAE is currently in the process of attaining a community hall/resource center. The community Hall/ Resource Center Committee is to search for a permanent address, an office and a home for the Community Association from where it will run its activities. The ECAE recognizes that having a community hall and a resource center to accommodate most of the Community Association’s needs is essential.

This Committee is not a standing committee. As such its responsibilities will be limited to the attainment of the Community Hall/ Resource Center. It will perform the following among many:

  1. It will provide an assessment of the Community Association’s needs (and wants). This entails performing a community survey.
  2. Provide a written assessment and a proposal with options to look into within a set deadline
  3. It will review the Community Association’s funding capacity and recommend a funding strategy for the project
  4. Implement the funding strategies
  5. Attain Community Hall/ Resource Center

The Committee is in the process of performing task one. To that end a survey has been provided from for members to fill out. The end of date for survey collection was August 31, 2017. The result of this survey and the assessment report will be prepared to the community at the end of September (date to be confirmed).

If you would like to volunteer within this committee or if you would like to contact us with your ideas and visions, please do so at

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