Update: January 23, 2023

   Dear visitor, welcome to the ECAE online registration page. Please review the following information before completing  this application.

  1. Please use your name as it appears on your driver’s license or a Government Issued ID card when you register to become a member. 
  2.  All new members are to complete full registration as new members  by selecting "New Membership"
  3.  As approved by the ECAE general membership all members will register as singles.
  4. All exsting members who have not completed their 2023 membership registration by January 31, 2023 will be considered as new.
  5. The ECAE reviews its online database weekly and will reject applications filled out wrongly (example new members filling as existing  members and vice versa.)
  6. The Membership application are as follows:
    • Required new member processing fee is $10.
    • Required yearly membership is $60.
    • Required yearly Hall Project fee is $150.
    • Becuase ECAE is using Paypal there is a onetime transaction fee associated with all payments. Refer to the table below. 

Our Services Fees

Service Type Community Fees Transaction Fees Total Fees
New Member 220.00 5.70 225.70
Existing Seniors 20.00 0.90 20.90
New Seniors 30.00 1.20 31.20
New members who paid 180 last year 45.00 3.00 48.00
Existing Member (before January 31, 2023) 210.00 5.40 215.40
Donation 50.00 3.00 53.00