Heritage Language School


** Important Information (March 2019) **

The Heritage Language program is looking for volunteers who would like to assist the program. The program’s voluntary needs and associated volunteer hours to be attained are as follows:

Volunteer Activity

People needed

CVH attained per day of work (hours)

Provide snack for kids (two Himbashas, serve them during break and clean kitchen)

Per schedule

2 hours

Teacher Assistants


2 hours

Curriculum Developers


per total meeting time

Sports Coordinators (summer)


2 hours

Quarterly Meeting

All committee Members


Contact us contact@ericancom.org if you are interested in volunteering in this committee.

Welcome to our Heritage Language School Portal. In this page you will find valuable information regarding the program. The program’s goal is to ensure our Eritrean cultural heritage languages are passed to future generations.


It is our desire to teach languages from all 9 cultural groups of Eritrea, based on the need of the Community Association. The ECAE is open to discuss possible paths to creating these classes, if there is a desire in the community.

At the moment the program has Levels A, 1 and 2 Tigrinya classes for children between the ages of four to fifteen years of age.

The program curriculum is organized as follows:

Level Curriculum
1  Developing Ge’ez alphabet writing skills (Curriculum will includes, game, songs)
2 Common nouns, verbs and day-to-day terminology as well as pronoun  (curriculum includes games, songs and homework)
3 More complex nouns, verbs and common phrases, (curriculum includes games, songs and homework)
4 Verbal communication and discussions in Tigrigna, writing paragraphs

A more detailed curriculum is provided for enrolled students.  If you would like to register your children in the program, an application form can be found at this link – Language program registration form.

The following is fee schedule for registering student for families:

Number of students per family Monthly Fee per a child
1  $20
2 and more $15

If you have any questions regarding this program please do not hesitate to contact Heritage Language School via e-mail. Application forms can be submitted via e-mail. Our e-mail address is contact@ericancom.org .

ECAE is researching on avenues for monthly fee payment via electronic means using this website. For now monthly fees are expected at the beginning of each month to be pair at the school to the directors.


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