The ECAE Held its First Annual Mentorship Dinner

By Hiermela Mathewos

Eritrean Community Association of Edmonton (ECAE) held their first annual mentorship dinner, on Saturday, November 11, 2017, from 6pm to 9pm at Allegro Italian Kitchen. The annual dinner was held to introduce and to kick-start the mentorship program. The coordinators of the event noted that the event was a success that was attended by 55 mentors and mentees.

The night started off with a networking and introduction secession followed by wonderful dinner. Several performances and speeches were also held throughout the event. Mr. Habtemicael Berhane (chairman of the ECAE) was the first speaker followed by Mr. Zedingle Gherbremusse’s (the secretary of ECAE) speech. Mr. Berhane reminded us that we, the youth, “are the future of the Eritrean Community” and we should take the role of leading those who are going to come after us. He shared his experience as a college student describing how he had helped those who were completing their last years of high school, highlighting how giving back and imparting knowledge unto those younger than us is an integral


The mentorship program hopes to continue this practice by providing support to our youth. This support not only entails 1 on 1 carrier guidance, but also emphasizes on the importance for the social connections and engagement of the youth with older Eritreans despite age differences.



The night continued with Bereket Alazar’s poem, based on our “Roots”,  followed by Fenotiel Sibhatu and Dawn Abraham’s presentation on the Mentorship Program. Dawn had explained that “the

 goal of the program was to get involved with the lives of as many Eritrean youths and adults as possible, and provide the support they want and need.” Both speakers clarified the guidelines and different responsibilities of the mentors and mentees. They also emphasized that the intent is to create a support structure where youth are continuously supplemented by the knowledge, wisdom and valuable skills of Eritrean professionals, as ECAE recognizes having a vibrant and active youth within the community association is essential for its growth. To wrap up the night, Segen and Nfti Tesfamicael, and later Bereket Alazar with Fenotiel Sibhatu entertained the crowd with wonderful performances.

As a concluding speech, Mr. Bereket had recollected the ideas that were presented throughout the dinner and also shared the different programs available through ECAE, encouraging those above the age of 18 to take an active role in their community as official members.

One of the programs is the tutoring, which is planned to start sometime next year. Another currently running program is the social media committee, which is still is welcoming new members who would like to join.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who had come out to this event. The biggest thanks of all goes to the Allegro restaurant staff members as well as the organizers of this event and those who had helped make this event possible. We hope that those who came will get involved with the program, and hope to see even more people next year!

If this is the first time you are hearing about this program and are wanting to join, please contact us through our different social media platforms.



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